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Privacy Services

By using the PTS Whois Privacy Services you can shield your domain owner contact data and protect them from abuse such as spamming or identity theft. We are associated with strong partners - please read more about Whois Privacy Protection on this website. More information can be found here.

Trustee Service

The PTS Trustee Services provide you with the possibility to register domain names that have restrictions regarding the registrant's home country.

The registration policies for .DE, .EU, .FR and .IT have local presence requirements. The responsible registries restrict the domain registration in their name space to registrants who have a local contact in the specific country or in the European Union. If the registrant cannot provide a real, valid postal address (local contact) in the nation / in the region of the domain name registry he is not eligible to register. The solution for this fact is the use of a Trustee. The PTS Trustee Services enables companies and individuals to fulfill these requirements and to register their wished domain names.

Through the authorization of our lawyers as a Trustee for your domains you can build and enlarge your domain portfolio beyond national borders.

You can find more details about domain registration with Trustee Solution in our Trustee FAQ!